Quad Tours

From our base in Vista Bella we are in a unique position to deliver a both fantastic on & off road tours around the stunningly beautiful, Embalse de la Pedrera - A reservoir with azure blue waters, located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


The tours take place both within the reserve and on the country roads that surround the lake enabling the driver to fully appreciate the real Spain! Tours feature a stop at Casa la Pedrera, The Grand Design House either at the beginning or the end of the tour! All tours include a short safety briefing and familiarisation training with the bikes before we hit the trail.

1. Family Off-Road Lake Ramble Tour

This Family tour is only available for those with children/teens & has a max speed of 20km in the reserve. It winds alongside the lake with fantastic views & is relatively flat, with a few hills for a bit of fun & adventure!


a) Half Hour - €35 per person

b) 1 Hour - €55 per person

Passenger available at 1/2 price, adults and children allowed

No License Required, Min age 10


Children will be assessed by instructor/parents whether competent to participate in the tour.

This Tour must be accompanied by an adult. A disclaimer must be signed by parent/guardian for ages -18.

2. Off-Road Lake Tour PLUS (1 Hr)

This off-road tour is suitable for the older teenager and adults of all abilities. It is at a slightly faster pace (30km max speed) with more challenging terrain, steeper hills and drops. FUN with a capital 'F!'


€65 per person, minimum 2 quads

Double up available at 1/2 price, adults and children allowed

No License Required, Min age 13




Teenagers will be assessed by instructor/parents whether competent to participate in the tour. All teenagers must be accompanied by an adult. We have a zero tolerance for snaking, sliding, ramping & unsafe driving practices that puts the driver & machinery at risk. Disclaimer Form must be signed by a guardian for all those under 18.

3. Off/On Road Lake Tower Tour (2hr)

This circular tour has the flexibility and variety of both on and off road adventures with the most magnificent lake and country views. Passing through orange, olive and winding around the lake you will not be disappointed. It has it all: Both on and off road, fun, adventure & breathtaking views!


*Additonal BBQ Package Optional on this tour.


€100 per person, minimum 2 people,

€25 option to double up with children (over age 7)

Licences for all drivers required,

Min 18 years with a licence

4. Road/Beach/Mountain Tour (3hr)

Two Exciting options incl. a stop for a swim in the med or indeed in the sparkling blue lake (summer only). From the mountains of Hurchillo, to the warm waters of the sea, we have it covered. Combined with a picnic or a Lakeside BBQ - Just Perfect for that special occasion!


€140 per person, minimum 2 people

€50 option to double up with children (over age 7)

(Tour - Tailored to your requirements)

18 years and over with Licences.


All the tours, apart from the half hour tour, have the option to stop for a delicious lake picnic at €15 per person or enjoy a lakeside bbq (including drinks/beer soft drinks) at €25 per person after the tour

When to go


Quad biking is our most popular activity and is available all year round. Our automatic quad bikes are easy to drive and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Please remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

What to bring


You provide suitable clothing, footwear, sunglasses are preferable plus driving license (which must be produced) for

On Road/Off Road Tours.

How to book


Contact us using our online form to secure your ride along the areas most extensive network of Quad trails. Booking in advance is essential!